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Target Zinc Finger Nucleases in Genome Engineering

Shahin Asadi*1, Mahsa Jamali1, Hamideh Mohammadzadeh1, Mahya Fatahi1

Genome targeting engineering is one of the most important advances in genetic engineering in the third millennium. The basis of this process lies in the function of engineered endonucleases. These tools can be genetically modified by creating bipartite cuttings in a known region of the genome, followed by repair of these cuts by homologous recombination mechanisms or non-homologous end joining. Genome editing endonuclease has a high ability to understand gene function and gene therapy applications. Meganucleases are the first of these tools that are naturally found in all areas of life and play an important role in the targeted genomic engineering. The second category is the Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs), which are made from a series of fingerprints on a DNA identifier integrated with the FakI catalytic domain.



Prevalence and some associated factors of vaginal infection among women at reproductive age groups

Tharwa H. Hassan AL-Tai*1

Bacterial and fungal vaginal infections are common finding among women worldwide, anaerobic bacteria and the normal balance of bacterial flora often found in the vaginal atmospheres. Infections of reproductive tract are the most common infection in the public health practices. The higher estrogen levels and glycogen believed to be among the major causes that lead to increase risk of developing vaginal fungal infections.



Assessment of Genetic Mutation CSF1R in Patients with Adult-onset Leukoencephalopathy with Axonal Spheroids and Pigmented Glia Syndrome

Shahin Asadi*1, Mahsa Jamali1, Hossein Amjadi1

In this study we have analyzed 100 people. 40 patients and 60 control group had sleep disturbances. The gene CSF1R analyzed in terms of genetic mutations made. In this study, people who have genetic mutations were targeted, with nervous disorders, ALSP syndrome. In fact, of all people with ALSP syndrome, 40 people had a genetic mutation in the gene CSF1R. Any genetic mutations in the target genes control group, did not show.




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